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Cash Register Sales & Service


 Whether you're starting up a new business or are looking to improve your current business, your cash register is an important asset that should be there to help make your life as a business owner easier, not harder! 

We repair current and outdated cash registers to keep your business flowing.


 When purchasing a register, you have to be sure that you get the right one that fits your needs and your business. Here at Cash Register Sales and Service, we ask all the right questions to find the right machine to fit your needs. From 'Something Simple' to 'All the Bells and Whistles' we have everything you need all within a competitive and reasonable price! 


 If you ever need help, our phone lines are always open to a local technician and not some operator halfway across the country (or the world) on the other end of an impersonal 1-800 number. Come on in or give us a call and see the difference our personable, friendly local staff can do for your business. Either way, we at Cash Register Sales would like to thank you, the business owner, for making Buffalo such a great place to live. 

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